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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 04:36PM PST

What is Rundeck Pro?

Rundeck Pro is a software tool used for job scheduling and runbook automation

Where can I find the Rundeck Pro license?


Is Rundeck Pro “open source” software?

No. Rundeck Pro is commercial software created and licensed by Rundeck Inc. Like many software products today, Rundeck may use software components written by third parties or previously available under open source licenses to create the Rundeck Pro software. The rights to use these software components written by third parties has been secured by Rundeck. All components are tested and certified by Rundeck. No software with GPL or other “copyleft” licenses are used in Rundeck Pro. All license rights for using Rundeck Pro are contained within the single Rundeck Pro license.

Is there a difference between Rundeck and Rundeck Pro?

Yes. Rundeck is an open source project maintained by Rundeck Inc. Rundeck Pro is commercial software for which you can purchase a license from Rundeck Inc. Rundeck Pro provides a tested, supported, and enterprise-ready distribution of Rundeck with additional features and capabilities for enterprise scale use. Also, a Rundeck Pro subscription license is the only way to receive professional support from Rundeck and the core Rundeck team.

How is Rundeck Pro licensed?

Rundeck Pro is available under an annual subscription license and comes bundled with support. You can renew the right to use the software and receive access to support on an annual basis. Multi-year subscription purchases can also be made.

Rundeck Pro is licensed per Rundeck Pro server instance. There are no restrictions on the number of users, projects, nodes, or jobs run.  

Does Rundeck Inc provide indemnification?

Yes. Rundeck Inc. guarantees that Rundeck Pro does not infringe on any patents, copyrights or misappropriates any trade secrets. Rundeck will defend licensees against such claims. Please see the full text of your Rundeck Pro license agreement for details. 
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